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Contact Lenses

Meeting All Your Contact Lens Needs

We have a vast variety of over 4,000 contact lenses in stock, including disposable, gas-permeable, soft, extended wear, astigmatic, and bifocal lenses. We also specialize in fitting scleral contact lenses, keratoconus contact lenses and post corneal procedure contact lenses. Nearly every patient can be fit successfully, even those who have had problems or “failures” in the past. Drs. Robinson, Godfrey, Lubowitz, and Tubiello manage all contact lens patients in our practice and would be glad to answer any questions at your next eye examination.

  • To guarantee the proper fit, a contact lenses evaluation appointment is separate from a routine eye examination appointment.
  • Make sure to bring your contact lens prescription or current contact lens boxes, if you have them.

Come to Bucks-Mont Eye Associates to find the perfect fit, comfort, and clarity from your contact lenses.

Contact Lens Fittings

If you have an eye condition that can hinder your ability to wear normal contact lenses, the eye specialists at Bucks-Mont Eye Associates can help. Whether for dry eyes or astigmatism, contact lenses are available that will enable you to see well.

When it comes to contact lenses, one size does not fit all. Contact lens fittings consist of the following:

  • Initial Fitting

    This includes a measurement of the cornea to determine the size of the lens. The patient will try on one or more pairs of lenses to decide what works best for his or her vision and comfort.

  • Contact Lens Tutorial

    A lesson is necessary for all new wearers. The patient will meet with a technician and learn how to properly insert, remove, and care for lenses. Once the lesson is complete, the patient will be provided a trial pair of lenses to make sure no changes need to be made.

  • Follow-Up Visits

    The patient will return for a contact lens check to determine that the lenses are fitting properly and working for the patient’s needs. If the patient is satisfied with the lenses and the doctor approves, the patient may proceed with ordering lenses.

Current Rebate Offers

Select the link for the brand of contact lenses prescribed by your doctor and follow the instructions to submit a rebate.  It is necessary to have a valid rebate slip from our Contact Lens department for Alcon, Bausch & Lomb and Acuvue brand contact lenses.  You will be asked to enter a rebate code/reward code that is found on the slip.  If you have any questions, please contact our Contact Lens department at 215-257-8053 option 5

Cooper Vision

Visit the Cooper Vision rebates site for submission instructions. Click on the “Get rebate form” link to see available offers.

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Bausch & Lomb

Visit the Bausch & Lomb reward-central website to submit a rebate. See rebate slip for available offers.

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Visit the Alcon rebates website to submit a rebate.
See rebate slip for available offers.

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Visit the Acuvue rewards website to submit a rebate. Click on their “Acuvue Brands and Offers” link to see available offers.

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* Rebates are not offered or reimbursed by Bucks-Mont Eye Associates. For questions regarding rebate payment please contact the appropriate vendor.